About me

My name is Sarah Jane

I grew up in Blacksburg, VA in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia.

I have loved cooking all my life thanks to my dad who always required encouraged us to help in the kitchen. I grew up eating not only delicious southern food typical of the region, but also many other types of cuisine such as asian, indian and italian to name a few.

I went off to Los Angeles when I graduated high school to study engineering at UCLA... Although engineering ended up not being my passion, I soon realized that Italian (language) was and was fortunate enough to study abroad for a year...further developing my passion for not only the language, but the culture as well. Enter the boy and the blog.

Thanks to two girls from my study abroad program (Alex and Rosie) I decided to start this food blog to fill up our vast amounts of free time in Italy. I blogged about recipes I was learning there as well as cakes and cookies and other sweets that I love to make.

As the blog has grown so have I. I sadly had to leave Italy to return to America to graduate. Through this process I have grown to love Italy and Livio so much, that I am returning there now that I have graduated from UCLA this December. I will continue to blog recipes that I learn and love, and I will also start to blog about my life as I adjust to my new apartment and country.

Oh and some other things about me:

I like sudoku, coffee, solving rubiks cubes, headbands, bows and any combination of the two.